Rich’s “Christmas” Sweater


I cast on for this sweater last October, telling Rich I was knitting him a sweater for Christmas.  Thankfully, I wasn’t specific as to which Christmas, so I’m still on schedule.

I finished the body last year sometime and then got hopelessly bored with the project.  I set it down for what became months, then finally got up the gumption/discipline to FINISH IT.  I cast on the first sleeve and was quickly reminded of why I set the project down in the first place: I don’t love working with this yarn.  No doubt, this is fantastically sturdy, warm, heirloom quality wool, and it’s going to make a great sweater.  But it’s not a great knitting yarn.  Hope that makes sense.

Well, I’ve finished that first sleeve (after an eternity) and am on to sleeve #2.  Now that I’m on a long and cozy stay-cation, I do think I’ll be able to finish this before the New Year (while on Christmas break so it’s still a “Christmas” sweater (ahem)).