Happy Birthday…and other things

I finished two hats this week.  There is nothing quite like hat knitting after finishing the World’s Largest Sweater to give one a sense of extreme achievement.  Three FO’s in one week – hooray for me!


First, the Modjeska Hat…I saw this on display at Stitches last year at Imagiknit and I *had* to have it.  I love the combo of variegated and solid, and I think it’s rather clever that the solid is the contrast color.  Malabrigo Rios.


Second, the Brooklyn Tweed Easy Travel Hat.  Not a real pattern, just a basic hat I threw together with left over BT Shelter from my Vibranium project.  I knit this while traveling to and from Seattle for Christmas.

And the last bit of info…  Today (Dec 30) is my birthday, so all of my patterns are 50% off today on Ravelry.  Yay!  Use the coupon code HAPPYBDAY36.


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