Oh my stars, I wondered if this day would ever come.  But it has, and it’s glorious!  I have finally finally finished Rich’s Christmas sweater, *in time* for Christmas (albeit one year late).

Elizabeth Zimmerman shines once again in this clever pattern, the Shirt Yoke Pullover (not on Rav, for some reason – but it’s WG #89).  Spatially, I had a hard time imagining how the saddle would work, but it was simple, intuitive and really lovely.  I used Canadian Regal wool in dark grey, and at the gauge needed for the sweater, I didn’t love working with it.  Too stiff.  It is going to be wonderful for the wearer, however, and will last forever.

IMG_1250 IMG_1248 IMG_1251  IMG_1249

I really love the hem too, I’ve never done a sewn hem before.  Looks very polished.  I love how the contrast color peeks out along the edge.

IMG_1253  IMG_1252

Now I need to block it and I think it will take at least a few days to dry, as this is one dense FO.

Hooray for an out-of-hibernation finished sweater!  Merry Christmas!


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