Maybe it comes from watching a little too much Doctor Who lately, but as soon as I put this sweater on I exclaimed “Fantastic!”

This project is simple and interesting to knit, and the finished garment is both comfortable and timelessly fashionable. Which is important if you’re traveling via TARDIS. It really is perfect for any day, anywhere. I can just as easily wear it out as I can curl up in it around the house.

The pattern is available at for $5.

I’m really pleased with the yarn I used – West Yorkshire Spinners Bluefaced Leicester Aran yarn in color Un-dyed Natural Brown. I bought it at the Interweave Knit Lab Market from Monarch Knitting. They told me at the time that they are currently the only US retailer of this glorious stuff. It’s as soft as alpaca but without the shed factor. It has great drape, but is sturdy too. You can find Monarch Knitting online at, or in person in Pacific Grove, CA.


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